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True Taoist Nei Kung.

Tien Shan Chi Kung is real Nei Kung, it is an ancient prehistoric system, one of the very few that has survived to this day. It is a purely Taoist system, uncontaminated by any Buddhist methods. It is the Taoist spiritual paths of the warrior, which at its most advanced levels became the Taoist path of the wizard. It is for cultivating super health and longevity, greater intelligence and compassion, great physical prowess, powerful fighting and healing abilities, spiritual growth, enlightenment, and strong psychic abilities. It is also the Taoist path of the immortal. Steve Gray was asked to offer this system to the public by the Taoist Immortal, Fook Yueng, who was a secretive master who lived in Seattle, Washington. He was Bruce Lee's uncle, mentor, and main kung fu teacher. There is a book describing my progress and results in this system, but not the exercises, titled A Lineage of Dragons

Detailed description of real Nei Kung (Neigong) .

Online Training - To start learning this system use the online videos. If you have any questions after practicing for awhile, you can contact me via email, and an online conference can be arranged if you wish

Due to it being a high power spiritual path, one of the main goals and results of Tien Shan Chi Kung is enlightenment. I am proud to announce that a serious online student, who did mainly Tien Shan Chi Kung from the videos and had not done prior chi kung, had his big kundalini experience after practicing the videos and meditations for only seven months. This seems close to being some kind of world record.

If you practice the videos well and learn and like the first levels of the system, then you may become an in person student, which would require moving to Vilcabamba, Ecuador for several years and commuting to the school which is up in the mountains to the south of Vilcabamba. I prefer students who have practiced the first two levels enough to have memorized them and do them without watching the videos.

Since real Nei Kung systems have thousands of techniques, there are many levels of progression. Here are the first two levels to get you started.

Tien Shan Chi Kung Level 1 - Free

Tien Shan Chi Kung Level 2

Other Educational Videos and Levels

I found an article written by a master Pak Dong Sun, which was poorly translated from Hungarian into English, so I have edited it to make it clear in addition to removing parts that did not apply to the subject at hand:

Around 5000 years ago, Tien Shan monks, having reached the highest level of skill, were looking for like minded people and went South extending their knowledge. This knowledge is popularly known these days as the Tibetan teachings of Bon, yet it has it's roots in Taoist chi kung from Tien Shan. Bon is known as the most powerful school of magic and wonder in the world. In it's original version Tien Shan was extreme, with the practitioners undertaking certain risks for the sake of attaining super powers. When the Tien Shan monks reached Tibet they encountered the School of Bon, the strength of which was in it's methodology but the practice was rather weak. From the unification of these two was born the strongest spiritual system of development of super human characteristics.

In the history of mankind the heritage of practices of Tien Shan has left a trace in the constellation of the brightest names of Enlightened Masters: Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, Milarepa and Gambopy. In the present, to answer the question of the origins of their spiritual mastery, lamas; Buddhist, Tibetan, Nepalese, and Chinese chi kung masters claim that their knowledge originated in the place which is called Jung-Jung, sheng-sheng, and Tang-sheng, but those names mean the same in Chinese, Tien-Shan! Even the mythical country of Shambhala is a particular place of the same name in the Tien Shan mountains, if translated from the local dialect means mountain spring or wonderful source. In our time a place of beauty, and an amazing ski resort.

Ancient prehistoric origins of Tien Shan Nei Kung

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